I am Done

I may be really close to my period(though it should start 2.5 weeks from now) or tired from 6 hours of sleep, but I am done with dating apps. I realize this after I had a conversation with my student about fortnite. I told him he was addicted to the game and that he was…

Your Sad Song

Baby, won’t you let me be your sad song Let me take you to your happy place I can be your portal to desire you can find your peace right through my pain


One fear that I have every time I remember Tsega is forgetting the sound of his voice. Every once in a while, all I want to do is remember his voice And I would get this inkling fear that I have forgotten it! and I become fearful because I know that it is one more…

Being John Malkovich: Fulfillment and Purpose(rough)

After watching this movie, all I could ponder on was this question: why would anyone willingly leave their life to be a middle-aged, baldheaded (not that there’s anything wrong with that with me), not-so-well-known actor, John Malkovich? At first, I thought about the dating world and how we change ourselves to have the ones we…

Take it

I am a confident Woman Yes, I am Free Independent And a confident woman. Take me as I am, baby Or else walk away


I sleep with no clothes To Wake to a new beginning And a brand new day.


If it’s worth it, take your chances. The more chances you take, The less regrets you’ll have in the future.

Like fluid

I feel you in the movement of water Flowing effortlessly through the East River I feel you in the wind Pushing me forward and onwards I feel you in the sunshine Bringing joy to my life I feel you in these quite moments When all three align Tseguyeh, I feel your presence here with me.

I like you, is that alright?

Well, then.. here I go, falling for someone but to afraid to show it. Running from my feelings because I am too afraid of getting hurt. Where did the bold Lena go? The one who wasn’t afraid of rejection? Where did the audacious Lena go? The one who wasn’t afraid of making mistakes? Have I…

Mindless swiping

Tinder has now become this place where I just swipe and very rarely interact with the people I match with. I went on a first date for the first time in a looonngg time and the guy asked why I was on tinder and I had to pause and think why.. I responded by saying…