Love the way you laugh

Love the way you smile

Love everything you do

Darling, I love you.

Love the way you came

Into my life

You showed me what love is

Darling, you’re always in my heart.
So show meyour love darling

 show me you soul dear

And I’ll show you my love darling

And I’ll show you my whole dear
Forever as on baby 

As one we will be

With live on our side honey

We will make history.

Love the way you laugh

Love the way you smile

Love everything you do

Darling, I love you.


Only a Wish(rough)

It’s only a wish

as simple request

to have someone love you

and for you to love back


Just a simple request

not too much to ask

to have someone beside you

someone that would last


for more than two weeks

maybe four months

just someone to care for

someone who cares back


I just need a simple love

a bit childish to ask

but oh how long to have this

something that will last


Because the older I get

the more I realize

that Simple love

is hard to find


That just finding one person

is a difficult task

in a world full of people

who do not even ask


what is love?

how do we love?

do I even love myself?

what is self love?

can I love someone if I cannot love myself?


Instead of wondering people

Search for love in the dark alleys of the internet

search for pleasure and indulge in greed and short-lived satisfaction

until they realize one day what they really want in life is not in this outlet called: Tinder, OKC, Bumble, Grinder & etc.


They start to realize that what they want is simple



They want someone love

and for someone to love back



Baby, let us settle down.

Let us churn our rigid and heavy hearts till they become malleable to one another .

Lets soften the stones of our souls and dissolve the barricades to set our wild spirits free.

Let us bend our elastic mind so that we can think clearly, and without the shades of judgement we will see;

our naked mind gazing at our naked soul.

Untamed our spirits would run wildly

benevolent hearts swaying closer with every  beat

till our hearts syncopate

and settles into a deep, rhythmic thump.


Let us melt into one another and become one.

In harmony we can live

side by side intermingled and never alone

lone yet whole enough to never feel lonely…





Lonely Heart (rough draft)

Start: Nov. 2016


lonely heart and lonely soul

how is it that I didn’t know

that all you needed was hand to hold

and a heart as warm…as yours


lonely hear lonely soul

when did you grow to become so cold

estranged in this arctic storm

withdrawn from the person you once were


lonely heart lonely soul

why have you lost your hope

the vibrant self that was once you

has weakened and wasted away with the passion you once had





I thought you were there
Right around the corner

Like a little child you lead me near
Never ever reaching, but just close enough
And I foolishly follow

You graced me with you time
Voodooed me with your sweet words
Your sweet promises
Habibi, have you really felt for me?

One word I remember the most.
“Can you stay in this bed forever?”
you would say to me on sweet mornings
After lying in bed, motionless,
bodies intertwined and minds one you say
“Just lay here, just this way, and I will take care of you.”

Iilaa al'abad
Those sweet words you would whisper in my ear late in evening.
Each word a spoken symphony
and as you whisper more my mind drifts
into a blissful place.
Words never understood but felt
as if it’s been said to me for a thousand years.

It seemed that long when we held each other most afternoons.
A song would play and we would playfully sway
and then all is forgotten.
Time was of no nuisance
 one song would blend effortlessly with another
Ana La Habibi the first, Malaika the next Tizita the final then silence
And even in the silence a very still melody rung in our ear
And as one we swayed for what seemed like an eternity
we rocked each other
Embraced each other
Caressed each other
One body embodying the other

A never changing force
Stealthily you fooled me into believing you.

Now I understand
You are and will always be around the corner
And I will never reach a day where I find you

You have led me to the edge of a maze of emotions
I must now untangle and fight with thorns to reach back to the center.