Only a Wish(rough)

It’s only a wish

as simple request

to have someone love you

and for you to love back


Just a simple request

not too much to ask

to have someone beside you

someone that would last


for more than two weeks

maybe four months

just someone to care for

someone who cares back


I just need a simple love

a bit childish to ask

but oh how long to have this

something that will last


Because the older I get

the more I realize

that Simple love

is hard to find


That just finding one person

is a difficult task

in a world full of people

who do not even ask


what is love?

how do we love?

do I even love myself?

what is self love?

can I love someone if I cannot love myself?


Instead of wondering people

Search for love in the dark alleys of the internet

search for pleasure and indulge in greed and short-lived satisfaction

until they realize one day what they really want in life is not in this outlet called: Tinder, OKC, Bumble, Grinder & etc.


They start to realize that what they want is simple



They want someone love

and for someone to love back


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