What is Love

I started this blog(2013) hoping to understand what love means. Five years later, and I am more confused about love than I was back then. I believe in the fact that I have the ability to love and that I certainly do love, but why do I push away? Maybe you need to fight with…

The fear of the unknown

The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. Unable to see what is next… Unable to expect anything. Not being in control…. I am slowly learning to let go the longer I wait

My Sweet Little deja vu

My sweet little deja vu With memories. But hazy My mind always searches Hoping you are still there My sweet little deja vu My sweet little deja vu Constantly popping up unexpectedly Always peculiar in your arrival Leaving me pondering in the unknown My sweet little deja vu Come to me clearly. Don’t hesitate. Show…

Take Time

Take time sweet heart of mine for your heart to heal


You love me just to see me You like me just to keep me… In your pocket Is where I stay In a phone I’m hidden away You like me just to see me To then leave me


That moment when you realize that you are alone. That is how I feel at this moment.. but it’s not due to people but rather work. I feel so alone when I have no task or to-do list. It actually makes me anxious! Does this mean that I have become a machine that cannot survive…


You are my beautiful sunset after the rain.  


Hold me in your arms Breathe me in again I will love you for who you are If you love me for what I am

Let’s Talk

Unique Extraordinary Special to my heart You are Peculiar Intriguing Luring me closer How far Will I fall How long will it take What else can I do Cuzz Baby… I want to get to know you…   ~AfroCanLove


Each day I see a new angle of who you are…Each just as beautiful as the last…   ~AfroCanLove