Sweet soul of mine you battled many wars these past few years And you’ve survived . You’ve come out of your struggles more beautiful than ever; wounds and all. Stay strong beautiful soul.   ~AfroCanLove

still on my mind

Every once in a while your in my head The outline of who you were to me apears like a sillohet  


what are you waiting for is it even worth the wait you should really think girlfriend reevaluate   what is it that you are searching for the thing you are trying to find or are you looking to be found just waiting till that time?   But who is it you are waiting for and…

Beautiful Mess

I am a beautiful mess I do not know where I am or where I will go   I am a beautiful mess I am not here or there I am everywhere   I am a beautiful mess not knowing what I want or what I need   I am a beautiful mess I form…

Butterflies in my stomach

Butterflies in my stomach saying that your the one for me Somehow this heart ache keeps coming back when you leave   Oh darling please stay darling don’t you leave me Oh darling can’t you see my heart aches when you leave  

You are my Joy

Your happiness is my joy, darling. I am reminded of this every morning when I wake up to you. How I love being the first thing you see. When you open your tired eyes When you look into mine knowing that I am here.. present.. And then you smile… Darling, your happiness is my joy

How you Love

won’t you show me how to love again show me how to love again show me show me show me how to love again X2 sweet tenderness of you voice sweet lips caressing my skin boy you should know you’re the one who’s got my heart on spring oh wont you show me how to…


I don’t understand my generation Running around searching for more Rather than enjoying the moment   I don’t understand my people Always going from one thing to the next Never truly understanding the concept Of  commitment   I don’t understand this new way of life Where you find something beautiful But refuse to accept it…

Silly girl

You love people who do not need your love… When will you start loving those that need it most?    


Learn to accept the heartaches of life. Learn to understand that pain is a true emotional reaction. Don’t turn it into anger.   Learn to appreciate your heartache. It’s the only way to diagnose what’s really the issue.   You cannot hide this. You cannot run from it. Just feel.